“When spiritual friends share their stories, the others listen without working. They rest. There’s nothing to fix, nothing to improve. A spiritual community feels undisturbed quiet as they listen, certainly burdened . . . but still resting in the knowledge that the life within, the passion for holiness, is indestructible. It needs only to be nourished and released.” -Larry Crabb

“Christians are peacemakers, not when they apply some special skill to reconcile people with one another, but when, by the confession of their brokenness, they form a community through which God’s unlimited forgiveness is revealed to the world. Community emerges when we dare to overcome our fears and confess to each other how much we still belong to the world. When that happens the light of God’s forgiveness can shine brightly and true peace can appear.” - Henri Nouwen

"The world is indeed filled with peril and in it there are many dark places. But still there is much that is fair. And though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it still grows, perhaps, the greater." - J.R.R. Tolkien