Married Real

A couple holds hands on the beach.

Two human babies, both handcrafted in the likeness of God from two different places on a journey of breathing air, growing tall, stepping toward purpose, being transformed. Two individuals filled with ideals, desires, and a glimmer in their eye toward what awaits. Then one day, these two separate people make the unlikeliest of intersections among the wanderings of seven billion others trails. Emotions entwined, purpose is tapped. Love first trickles, and then flows. His thoughts, aspirations; her feelings and hopes begin the interlocked path marked with a declaration of love, celebration with friends, and commitment before God and family to live fully alive together, with one another, forever. Marriage.

Beauty, love, dreams, emotion, and new experiences. Opposites in abilities, anatomies, ways of doing things, and ways of processing now combine together as a fledgling display of what God imagined in the beginning. Honeymoon.

A couple prays together.Then, pull. Pull of opinion and unbroken self against one another. My rights, my needs, my my. Idealisms crushed, reality dashes expectations while self rises to overthrow unity. Love is tested. Stark differences between the two become vividly clear. Decisions and the invitation for nobility in conduct. Death to me—to the me that stands on my rights. Love strengthens, bonds thicken.

Then wonder. Of two emerges one—one miraculous collection of helpless joy made up of both of them. Half her, half him—fully wonderful. Children. Noise, interruption, joys unspeakable, the heart somehow expands within adult ribs to love greater than ever before. Sleeplessness, messes, the insanity of repetitive care and cleaning. This is hard. Love is tested further. More death, greater life, and love. Dreams from the beginning fade, adjust. Twists and turns. Unforeseen patience arises, along with ideal-less love for one another grows. A different look in the eyes toward one another. Authentic people living through the rhythms of growing old together and preferring one another. Love conquers all thrown at them, making it through the crucible of testing, emerging reflective of heaven. Heaven in a man, heaven in a woman, bringing heaven in a home, heaven in a child—worked out one moment at a time. Real. Difficult. Beautiful. Two made one through storms and joys, love and laughter continuing through time and into eternity.

Matt Peterson portrait.ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Matt Peterson is the Lead Pastor at Awake Church, as well as the founder of the water supplying organization Hydrating Humanity. From day to day, Matt can be found speaking on the heart of God, helping others to connect with the person of Jesus, and even on occasion, making electrical repairs via scissor lift around the church building. His passion is to release the Kingdom of Heaven, lead others to a safe, healthy place spiritually, and participate with the family members at Awake to find their purpose and live fully alive.