Ain’t No Black and White

Baby on a bed.

This isn’t about if you’re white, black, Muslim, or gay. No sides to be picked, no war to be made. No blood to be shed, revenge or betray, we are each other’s brothers and sisters, don’t let injustice prey… on our skin, beliefs, gender, or last name. He called us His own, His Son died, erased all the blame. The ball’s in our court, stop the hate, quit the game… this isn’t about which presidential candidate you side with, it’s about loving your enemy, being a neighbor, end the discrimination that wants your body to decide how people react to this world’s hate. Let’s forgive, not forget, but love, dance, paint and create. This isn’t a hashtag, it’s a movement of hearts from segregate to appreciate.

melinaMelina LaVecchia Daniels is a studio owner and ceramicist from Boone, NC. She lives with her husband, Jacob Daniels and 6 month old, Lucca Fox. Together, they operate Overflow Studios and Artisan Market Boone. Melina has a heart for using the arts to demolish barriers between demographics of all differences.

Photography courtesy of: Blush Carolina