A Prayer for Racial Reconciliation

Baby on a bed

Abba Father,

Have mercy on our nation. The violence and bloodshed of our brothers and sisters surrounds us. When we continuously see and hear the racial tragedies in the media—when we experience the hatred ourselves in our city—our hearts are filled with despair and anguish. Outrage and revenge are our companions. Confusion meets us at every corner. Black, white, brown, tan, fair…the colors are divided when Your desire is peaceful harmony. Sooner or later, someone else is killed. We are weary with sighing.

Are we stuck in this killing cycle? Are we forever to turn with suspicion to others who are different than us? Who has the answers? Who can bring healing to our nation and the world? Who can stop the cries of the father, mother, brother, sister, son, and daughter whose loved one is gone? Who can administer justice and destroy the enemy of our souls?

Oh, Lord of Heaven, You are enthroned in life and victory! You alone are good and full of lovingkindness toward us. You will never forget us or leave us all alone. The blood of Jesus on the Cross has spoken a better word than that of division and hate. Your word is life, peace, and mercy. You place our weeping rivers into Your precious bottle. You wipe every tear from our eye. You have promised in Your Word that one day there will be no more death nor sorrow. Holy Spirit, we ask for Heaven on Earth—that You’d transform our judgement into belonging today. May your Kingdom Family reconcile with deep affection for You and our neighbors, no matter the color, race, ethnicity, or creed. May every broken heart find comfort and justice in Your compassion. You, too, are a Man of Sorrows well-acquainted with grief. We are not alone. You are with us. Thank You that we all belong to You for You are the Great Father of all. Soften our hearts with Your grace. Bring hope, healing, and redemption to our land, Beautiful Lord. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Photography courtesy of: Blush Carolina

erin&jdErin & JD Gravitt

The Gravitts are new parents and lovers of story that live nearby in Randleman, NC.  JD is on Core Staff at A Place for the Heart and serves as filmmaker and web developer. JD loves inviting people into story through words, media and film and is looking forward to capturing many more family moments. Erin has served as the Client Services Director at Pregnancy Care Centers in Greensboro and Asheboro, NC as well as cultivating writing, photography, and art as a secret place with the Lord.