Five Minutes with Amy Early

Mother/Father is really excited to begin featuring “five-minute interviews” a few relevant and poignant questions to mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents representing diverse backgrounds and rich life stories! Our first interview was with Amy Early, an incredible artist and mother of five. Let her creative journey inspire your creative life!  

Geometric 2 main imageM/F –  Tell us a little bit about your creative journey. 

AE – I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember. As the youngest of four girls growing up, I had many interests but my mom noticed and helped me recognize my talent. She sent me to my first ever art class in the second grade. As a child I was extremely shy and she decided I needed an outlet and a way to express myself. I continued to try different art forms throughout my growing up years, but it wasn’t until after my first marriage (I lost my first husband, who was also a painter, to cancer) that I  realized it was something I wanted to pursue seriously. I had been on a journey. After two different ministry schools and some community college courses I finally recognized that I had an artistic voice. There was nothing else that really satisfied. At the end of the day all I wanted was to create, express myself, and share my “voice.”

M/F –  Describe your favorite type of art to create and why.

AE – I have experimented in many different art forms such as drawing, painting, mixed media, photography, etc. I have finally settled on a favorite. I absolutely love painting abstracts with acrylic paint. I love color. I love to be able to create something that has freedom of interpretation and to express myself using intuitive processes.

Blue Abyss main imageM/F – What does it look like for you to balance life with five kids and sustain creative rhythms?

AE – This phase of my life is extremely busy with household duties and taking care of our kids. That being said, I definitely have the conviction that I also need to take care of myself. A large part of that is making sure I have the time to create. There are weeks where I simply don’t have the time or space to do this. I currently do not have a studio where I can leave out supplies and have works in progress. So what that means is my little art table and cabinet in our living room has to function as a studio. I keep my supplies up high out of the reach of little hands. I paint while they nap. I paint at night while they are asleep. It’s not always ideal but I know that it is important and I am a better mom if do things that bring me life and continue to pursue the dreams in my heart. 

M/F –  If you could share a piece of encouragement to moms who feel they have lost the ability or desire to create in their season of raising young children, what would you say?

AE – I would say don’t be too hard on yourself. Know that this is a season of your life, and that it is a deeply important one. It will pass, and you will once again have lots of free time on your hands. Stay teachable. There is always so much you can learn, which will keep you feeling young and having the energy you crave to get things done. 

AmyAmy Early was born in Charlotte, NC. Growing up, she always possessed a love for creativity. Particularly singing and working with various mediums involving expression through color. In her early college career, she decided to pursue photography, and learned composition, and developed her artistic “eye.” Through experimentation and the encouragement of other artists, (including her late husband Chris Underwood) she realized she was more at home with pencil, paintbrush, and paints than behind a camera. She now enjoys an artistic expression involving several different mediums including acrylic, watercolor, gouache, pencil, and ink.  She has enjoyed original commissioned work for clients and group shows. Most recently Amy had a solo show at West Elm in Charlotte, and a group show at The Breath and the Clay. Her work is currently represented online at UGallery. Amy is happily married to singer/songwriter/producer Jacob Early. They have five children and live in Mooresville, NC.