For You, I Have So Much More

I will be found by you, declares the Lord, and I will restore your fortunes and gather you from all the nations and all the places where I have driven you, declares the Lord, and I will bring you back to the place from which I sent you into exile. – Jeremiah 29:14

I know the word story carries with it so many emotions, so much heaviness, but relief, too. I know in your head you want words and memories to make sense. You want things to line up, and it is tough to not have answers, to not be able to explain the reason behind this happening, the cause of this event.

What if you knew more than you did? What if you could give an answer to the whys of your heart? What if you didn’t have to struggle with weakness, with inadequacy, on your own? Can you imagine where that would lead you?

Do you trust how I protect your heart?

I protect you, and I push you on, too. I lead you, but it is your choice whether or not to follow. I give you vision, just enough, to see where I am and know where I go, with you. One foot in front of the other. Why do you need to know more?  Do you? Do you need to know more to believe Me more? Do you need to see more to know I am here, whispering to you, loving you, guiding you?

My daughter, you are not alone.

My daughter, you have what it takes, my creation, my dear one, to follow Me.

My daughter, you are the only one of you I’ve made. There is just one. Only one, my dear. You are my crafted jewel, my sparkling flower, my glistening water as it falls from heaven.

You delight Me, child.

Please don’t look away, believe this is too good to be true. You feel that way to Me, you know. . .  too good to be true. You are radiant and captivating and you need only stand with Me, watching where I beckon you, knowing I am the sure place for your legs to stand.

So, rest now. And then rise up. When you believe, a little more, choosing these words, my love for you, as true, you are on your way to a deeper place I have for you.

I have so much more for you, child.


JenniferJennifer is the co-founder of Gather Ministries. She grew up in the middle of an almond orchard in Northern California. A former high school English teacher, she loves to write . . . but she especially loves to encourage people to seek and live out the truth of their story, their identity in Christ. Her newest adventure with God, Loop, was stirred by Jennifer’s desire for women to listen to God’s voice, to be reminded of the truth of who they are.