Poppy Seed & Lemon

Poppy Seed & Lemon

You live in darkness, clothed in black
I cannot see you, smell you, feel you
Yet, you are there, I think, who knows.
Utter seclusion, you frighten me
So miniscule, and I, grown and
Powerful, this I thought. But now,
Denial ever present, perhaps you
Have more strength than I realize.

What I know to be true is that all
Things have a way of working out.
Though now, a looming danger,
Death of self waiting, not ready,
Not now, it can’t be, what I do not
Behold is not, yes or no.
Real or imaginary, even a sure thing
Doesn’t necessarily bring peace.
Only You know, only resort.


Life is lighter now that we know,
He knows, she knows, they know
Celebration and a sigh of relief on
The other side of time, settling,
Thinking, praying, sharing.
Clarity comes with remembrance
Of promise, and Your word
Brings ease to the weary load.

No longer a secret, though still
Being made there, I wonder
What you look like and who you
Will be. Alive and living,
Forming and functioning,
You change everything.
You give us heritage and reward.

erin&jdErin & JD Gravitt

The Gravitts are new parents and lovers of story that live nearby in Randleman, NC.  JD is on Core Staff at A Place for the Heart and serves as filmmaker and web developer. JD loves inviting people into story through words, media and film and is looking forward to capturing many more family moments. Erin has served as the Client Services Director at Pregnancy Care Centers in Greensboro and Asheboro, NC as well as cultivating writing, photography, and art as a secret place with the Lord.